I was stationed to work as a Park Ranger at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore from 1984—2005. During that time I was lucky to have the chance to get to know most of the folks around Port Oneida, the lakeside farming community within the park. I first started taping some of their recollections in 1992, when Laura Basch happily filled some 14 hours of tape with her encyclopedic knowledge of Port Oneida goings-on, gained from a lifetime near the top of Basch Road. Since that time many others have shared stories, photos, documents, and whatever else might serve to give the rest of us some idea of how their community worked.

All of the recordings, images, and other materials I’ve been able to collect have been given to the National Park Service and the public domain and are free for your use at

                                            —HISTORIC SLEEPING BEAR ARCHIVE—

They are also being preserved and are available for public use at the University of Michigan’s Bentley Historical Library in Ann Arbor, and at the Glen Lake Library in Empire.

The following are books I’ve prepared to pass on some of what has been shared with me. They’re available for online reading here—

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(If you like good old-fashioned books made of paper, they’re available that way a few inches down—)

                                                                      —A FEW VIDEOS—

Here are a few videos. They’re totally amateur, but might be of interest to you if you’re interested in the subjects—
A Day at the Port Oneida Fair—2017 (about 1/2 hour)

A Day at the Port Oneida Fair—2018 (This one’s about 50 minutes)

The Story of a Bench Over Glen Lake  (25 minutes)

10 Minutes of The Old Settlers Picnic, 2018


                        —HERE ARE THE BOOKS THAT ARE FOR SALE (You know, paper ones)—

The Burfiend and Baker Farms cover

The Burfiend and Baker Farms

An elder statesman passed from Port Oneida a few years ago. Descended from two of Port Oneida’s founding couples, and having spent a lifetime working as fisherman, dunemobile driver, Coast Guardsman, farmer, builder, deputy sheriff, and County Magistrate, if you needed to know how something was done around Port Oneida, it was, “Just ask Jack.”

Fortunately, throughout his 92 years Jack Barratt gave generously of his wide-ranging knowledge of Port Oneida ways. This first volume in the Farm Albums from Port Oneida series is based on oral histories and family photos donated by Jack, his wife Lucille, and his cousin George Burfiend.

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The Thoreson Farm and Its Neighbors cover

The Thoreson Farm and Its Neighbors

This second volume in the Farm Albums from Port Oneida series is based mainly on the oral history interviews and photo collection of Leonard Thoreson. Leonard tells about about his ancestors’ early years on the farm, his parents’ lives, and his own boyhood there. An audio CD is included

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A Port Oneida Collection: Images, Oral History, Maps cover

A Port Oneida Collection: Images, Oral History, Maps

This book has not actually been published! But if you wish, you can view the work in progress


I am working on adding maps and materials about neighboring farms…

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Dottie Lanham of Burdickville cover

Dottie Lanham of Burdickville

Although the major focus of this series is the Port Oneida area of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, this one centers on the nearby village of Burdickville (my home).

Dottie Lanham, a fourth-generation citizen of Burdickville, donated use of her collection of historic photographs, and spent many hours providing associated oral history information. Dottie Lanham of Burdickville presents some of those photographs, accompanied by notes drawn from her interviews. There are also some images, interview excerpts, and information from some of Dottie’s neighbors.

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Boudewijn & Kate DeKorne cover

Boudewijn & Kate DeKorne

One more Burdickville book—A 40-page collection of photographs and related information about the beginnings of this family in America, and their lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and at Glen Lake. This is an expanded fourth edition.

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A Farm Album from Michigan’s Dutch Colony: An Oral and Photographic History cover

A Farm Album from Michigan’s Dutch Colony: An Oral and Photographic History

The story of the community of Netherlanders who came to Western Michigan during the mid–1800s—their background in Europe preceding the wave of emigration; the journey to America; the terribly difficult early pioneering years; and life during the decades that followed.

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