Voices from Burdickville and the Surrounding Sleeping Bear Region

Oral History, Photographs, Writings

Let the people of the Sleeping Bear Region—past & present—tell you about themselves. Through oral histories, memoirs, and old photos, you can meet the early settlers and those who followed: the store-keeper’s free-spirited daughter; a hermit jack-of-all trades; a community grandmother; a midwife’s daughter; and others. What did they have to say? How did they go about their activities? How did they get along with one another? What did they look like? How did they talk? What did they think? Those are the kinds of things that are addressed here.   

This is a companion to the Port Oneida Collection book. It covers the surrounding territory, with a special focus on the small outpost of Burdickville. It replaces and adds to the previous Dottie Lanham of Burdickville book, and includes an audio CD containing oral history interview excerpts.


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